Grocery & Bulk

We take the guesswork out of healthy shopping.

In our grocery and bulk section, we carry a variety of products for specialized diets, local and organic produce, and overall, simply the best food for healing and fueling your body. We know eating local makes a difference, so we’ve established relationships with local growers to get you some of the freshest produce from the greater Lynchburg area. We’ve visited every farm in the area, and many of the families are our customers and friends. It’s a blessing to have a relationship with the people who produce the food on our shelves.




Diagnosed with Celiacs disease, or just trying to eat Gluten Free? 

You can come to Health Nut and feel confident that we’ve done the research and handpicked each Gluten Free product with the least processed, most nutritional, and cleanest ingredients.

Looking for organic or Non-GMO products? 

We make sure our products have the USDA Certified Organic seal, and we're always looking for Fair Trade Certified brands, as well as products with the Non-GMO Certification Act seal. A lot of the groceries at chain stores are genetically modified. Have the peace of mind that we’ve taken the guess work out of shopping healthy. We’ve already done the homework, weeded through products, and stocked our shelves with the best of the best.

Love cooking? Pay for the ingredients, not the packaging.

Looking to try a new recipe? Swing by the Health Nut and get the exact amount needed for your day-to-day cooking. Don't waste money on branding and packaging. With us in town you don’t need to buy a 6 oz. bottle, use it once, and then let it sit in your cupboard for a year. Come and get a tablespoon of exactly what you need.

Do you cook a lot or have a big family? Visit our bulk section and get more quantity (and quality) than you could at a chain grocery store. You can count on saving money by avoiding those unnecessary branding and packaging cost. Of course you’ll save on trips to the store too. And don’t forget, by buying in bulk, you’re helping the environment!

The one-stop shop for all things healthy and fresh.

The Health Nut is now a one stop shop! Get everything you need to stock your pantry, cook your meals, replace your bathroom supplies, fill your cabinets, and feed your pet. We have the products you’re looking for at a competitive price, and our loyalty program will make your purchases even more affordable. What's even better? Do it all without the hassle of crowds, lines, and stressful parking.

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