Mitra is passionate about healthy food, healthy cooking, finding nourishment through whole foods, and most importantly, helping you reach your nutrition goals.

She can work with you on not only what to eat but how to listen to your body and respect your emotional needs for eating - what she call's mindful eating. In your coaching sessions, you will explore areas in which you might feel stuck, which may or may not be directly related to what you are putting in your mouth. Underlying physical or emotional imbalances may stem from what you decide to consume - whether that is a result of overeating, emotional eating, or something else entirely. She will work together with you to recognize those signs and create a customized, healthy plan, while maintaining all the joys that good food has to offer. Respecting your privacy, your coaching sessions are tailored specifically for YOU to help YOU achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

Mitra will be providing educational workshops, dinners, complimentary initial individual nutrition sessions at Health Nut and will be taking on private coaching clients.

She can be reached directly at 540-330-9765 or