We hear it all the time from customers and product reps: Our team is unparalleled in terms of genuine passion, knowledge and friendliness.


Having trouble with headaches? Interested in a more balanced diet to shed extra weight and keep it off? Are you feeling a bit low-energy or emotionally down? Come talk to us!

We've built our in-store experience on the belief that the best customer service is authentically personable and provides you with first-hand insights into the products available to help you be the all-natural version of yourself. No sales gimmicks to meet quotas. No pushing you toward products that you won't need. In addition to the educational opportunities our team is invited to pursue, each staff member is personally inspired by the daily use and research of what we have in stock, so you can be sure the advice you receive will benefit your life.

Whether you are just coming in to shop for organic, whole-food supplements or vitamins, all-natural groceries or cosmetics, or are participating in one of our various workshops or product demos, we love we love to share our experiences on how to naturally address nutritional deficiencies so you can become a happier, healthier you.

And our staff turnover rate is so low, that if you visit us enough you'll likely make friends with many of the kind faces you see below.

Come back to this page often to read upcoming interviews with our team members.


Dave Thomas (and billy!)

Meet the man who started it all. Dave opened Health Nut to provide people in his community with the opportunity to go through the transformation he experienced in his own health. To learn more about Dave, read his in-depth bio here.


Debby Kountz
HR/Operations Manager

While our whole body specialists are focused on helping you, Deb is focused on making sure our staff has everything they need and helping the business run as smoothly as possible in order to provide you with optimal customer service. 


Micaela Piner
Grocery/Purchasing Manager

Micaela started working for HNN in August of 2014. Although she grew up in a fairly
healthy-conscious home, it wasn't until her senior year of high school when her best friend got her a job at a local natural food store in her homestate of New Hampshire that she became personally interested. 

As Micaela dove into her new job, she quickly got excited with all the information she was learning and became hooked on the all-natural lifestyle, and hasn't stopped loving it yet!

Since Micaela is our grocery and purchasing manager, she spends a good deal of her time at HNN in the back office, making sure the best priced and highest quality products are fully stocked to keep our customers happy with our selection.



Jake Johnston
Bulk Manager

Jake, our bulk manager, started with HNN in November 2014. He has been into exercise health and fitness in hopes of one day being a personal trainer. He liked the idea of working at HNN because of his interest in health, but it wasn't until a couple years of working here when he was sold on the benefits of natural alternatives.  

His first "ah-ha" moment took place after HNN employee suggested he try thieves oil in his diffuser. Being a seasonal allergy sufferer for years, he would often come to work with all the typical symptoms of allergies. However, after using the thieves oil, they seemed to have "miraculously" disappeared. Then came the difference in using a popular store brand of pre-workout powder, which always caused an uncomfortable amount of jitters making him feel somewhat out of control, and trying the Garden of Life non-GMO, natural pre-workout powder which gave him the energy he needed without the high caffeine and jittery feeling. He was sold! 

Jake is now excited to share with others his experience and help guide you to the right products that can help you with your pre, during and post workouts.


Sage Tenberg
Whole Body Specialist

Sage started back in January 2015 but took a break to spend time in England.  She recently returned and in March of 2017, we were excited to have her back with us. Sage is a passionate person, who loves investing in one on one relationships with our customers and co-workers.

After years of abusing her body with an eating disorder that started in high school, her eyes were opened to the destruction she was imposing on her body God. As her awareness increased, she became more invested in living a natural health life style with the strong belief that God has created everything we need to prevent basic illnesses, but realizing that He also gave us "traditional" medicine, and there is a balance. After struggling through chronic illnesses, she is a strong believer of probiotics and gut health. While incorporating a daily whole food supplement and a little extra vitamin B, she's noticed a huge difference in the lack of fatigue and increased energy.


Steffi Wells
Whole Body Specialist

Steffi began working for Health Nut in March 2013. She is passionate about living an all-natural lifestyle and loves talking with people, helping to guide them to cleaner, healthier food and supplement options. Although Steffi grew up in a home that valued natural eating, she really became a believer at the young age of 13. Because of her love for dance and the intense training routine she followed, it was important for her to eat well so she could be in excellent physical condition.  

During her college years, she balanced a demanding schedule of being a dance major and training with a dance company. She ended up with adrenal fatigue and having to leave school. It was during her time away that she really threw herself into learning more about a natural approach to fueling her body in order to keep up with the level of activity she desired. By committing herself to clean, organic eating and whole food supplementation for a time, she was able to regain her strength and energy. 

Steffi jokes that her house is basically like a mini Health Nut, because she has so many things from food to cleaning supplies that she buys from the store.



Krissy Mitchell
Whole Body Specialist

Krissy grew up in the alternative medicine and naturopathic lifestyle. She found out the hard way what its like to live less intentionally when she veered away from the holistic path for a while.  

After suffering from weight gain, thyroid conditions, inability to get out of bed due to total lack of energy and a body that was in constant pain, she decided enough was enough. She went back to what she grew up with and what was instilled in her. Changing her diet, choosing alternative, natural medicine, she lost over 60 pounds, gained back her energy and reversed the health conditions.

She is thankful for the quality of life that she has back and absolutely loves talking and educating people about the differences between conventional and alternative medicine.

Krissy has been a part of the HNN team since April 2015. If you are ever in need of a hug, Krissy is by far the best!


Reagan Young
Garden of Life Demo Rep

Reagan, one of our two true vegans, started working for HNN in August 2015 as a whole body specialist, but has since moved to Richmond. We were sad to see her go, but happy she gets to visit us often as a demo rep for Garden of Life!

Reagan was raised on the "Standard American Diet," but at age 15 she learned about all the hormones, steroids and antibiotics that are put into our foods, and decided she didn't want those things put into her body.  She cut out sodas, candy, meat, and stopped using synthetic medications.  

Reagan truly lives the "all-natural" lifestyle and enjoys gowing in her passion of holistic health, mental wellness, women's health, and teaching and empowering others to embrace a better quality of life.  

She intends to become certified as a holistic healer one day, and hopes to help change lives as drastically as hers has been changed due to the the lifestyle choices she has made and adhered to over the years.


Kelly Jo Tomlin
Whole body specialist

Kelly Jo started with us in March 2017. She credits her mother as being her biggest influence in regards to living a natural, holistic lifestyle. Though it was not the norm when attempting to stick to healthy practices, she says that her mother never wavered in her pursuit for clean eating and is one of the healthiest, most knowledgeable people she knows. 

Kelly Jo started taking the holistic approach seriously during her sophomore year in college. She believes living the healthy, holistic lifestyle is the greatest investment of her life, and as such she has poured (and continues to pour) a lot of time and energy into educating herself, maintaining her health and passing on her knowledge and excitement about healthy living to our customers. 

She is quite passionate about working out, and follows a CrossFit training program. She hopes to one day get a CrossFit Level 1 certification as well as a certification as a holistic nutritionist.

Alva Pick
Whole Body Specialist

Alva's grandfather was a huge influence in instilling her with the practice and benefits of all-natural lifestyle while she was growing up. In 1994, she began working at Fresh Air (a natural foods store). Being surrounded in that environment, she found herself drawn to learn and live a life of holistic health. 

After several years of life’s many challenges, she found herself stressed out and veered away from the healthy lifestyle she had grown accustomed to. This lead to a rapid decline in her physical and mental health. When she decided to go back to her "roots" and implement all she had been taught, her health and energy slowly returned.

Alva joined the HNN team back in February 2015, and is currently working to receive her certification in essential oils. She loves working in an environment where she learns something new almost every day and gets to pass on her knowledge to customers.

KellI Stream
Herbal Specialist

Kelli started working at HNN June of 2016. She had recently been diagnosed with a rare sun allergy called, Solar Urticaria, which causes hives and other unpleasant symptoms.

After being put on two synthetic antihistamines and constantly having to wear sunscreen, she noticed her skin peeling off and black from all the chemicals being put into her body. Since she had already been quite familiar with herbs that could help, she started researching where to find them, and we are glad she did! That lead her to HNN where she was able to find all the herbs and so much more in our bulk section.

Kelli is working on her certification as an herbalist and should have it completed sometime in 2017.  

She is extremely knowledgable in making teas, salves, lotions and various "brews" for just about any ailment. 



Alexandra Cope
Resident Naturopathic Doctor

Alexandra wants to share that everyone's path to healing begins NOW! It begins as soon as you notice there is an issue, or simply want to improve your life ... it's something you choose.

Her belief is that we can all become empowered and choose to experience optimal mood and energy — all pain-free. That together, we can diligently work to remove our obstacles to cure one another, one step at a time.

As a naturopathic doctor, her intention is to address the cause of symptoms, rather than just numbing the discomfort caused by the symptoms. She spends ample time with patients (healing is more important than profits), working with them to be proactive proactive about their health: predicting diseases based on personal history and diet, and helping make sure they are less likely to occur — all-the-while basing her conclusions on both evidence-based science and ancient medical wisdom.



Amy Dinnison
Whole Body Specialist

Amy started working for HNN in September of 2016 and has been loving empowering others to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. As both a mother and grandmother of three, she has used Health Nut Probiotics and protein powders to fuel her body, as well as buying organic whole meats and veggies to keep herself strong and free from disease.

Her passion for people and master's degree in life coaching has equipped her to educate and support our customers who have struggled with various wellness issues including: hormonal imbalance, depression, anxiety and adrenal exhaustion.


Meghan Fowlkes
Whole Body Specialist

Meghan is our youngest team member. She started her journey with HNN in June 2015, the first Monday right after graduating from high school. But you can't let her youth deter you from talking with her.  She is extremely knowledgable and tends to blow many of us away with the scope of her understanding.  

Meghan began her health journey on her own, after becoming frustrated at being almost 220 pounds at 14 years old. During her sophmore year of high school, unable to fit into many of the clothes she wanted to wear and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time, she resolved to loose weight and improve her health. She started researching the benefits of eating real, wholesome meals, cooked from scratch and using uprocessed, organic produce.  

She taught herself how to cook and bake healthier, and in the process of making this change, lost over 80 pounds in a year. The rest came off a bit slower, but she stuck to it and is truly an inspiration to many people who come into HNN.  

Meghan's knowledge doesn't stop with food and diet. She is a treasure of information for supplements, making her own cleaning supplies, bath and body care as well as a phenomenal baker!