We hear it all the time from customers and product reps: Our team is unparalleled in terms of genuine passion, knowledge and friendliness.


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We've built our in-store experience on the belief that the best customer service is authentically personable and provides you with first-hand insights into the products available to help you be the all-natural version of yourself. No sales gimmicks to meet quotas. No pushing you toward products that you won't need. In addition to the educational opportunities our team is invited to pursue, each staff member is personally inspired by the daily use and research of what we have in stock, so you can be sure the advice you receive will benefit your life.

Whether you are just coming in to shop for organic, whole-food supplements or vitamins, all-natural groceries or cosmetics, or are participating in one of our various workshops or product demos, we love we love to share our experiences on how to naturally address nutritional deficiencies so you can become a happier, healthier you.

If you visit us enough you'll likely make friends with many of the kind faces you see below!


Dave Thomas (and billy!)

Meet the man who started it all. Dave opened Health Nut to provide people in his community with the opportunity to go through the transformation he experienced in his own health. His mother, Millie’s health journey was the catalyst for Dave’s lifestyle changes. To learn more about Dave and his health journey, read his in-depth bio here.


Thomas stanley
HR/Operations Manager

Body wellness and nutrition have been essential in his plant-based lifestyle. Understanding that there is a need for balancing the body and mind, Thomas is also in route to become a certified Mindfulness Coach and Guided Imagery Facilitator. He is dedicated to helping our customers on their journeys to manifest abundance, health, and prosperity in their lives.

Meghan Fowlkes
Assistant Manager

Meghan has been a part of our since 2015! She is set to graduate Lynchburg University, majoring in Health Promotion & Wellness. She is our Encyclopedia of information on- dare I say, the majority of products that we have in the store!
Meghan began her health journey on her own, after becoming frustrated at being almost 220 pounds at 14 years old. During her sophomore year of high school, unable to fit into many of the clothes she wanted to wear and tired of feeling sick and tired, she resolved to lose weight and improve her health. She started researching the benefits of eating real, wholesome, and organic meals cooked from scratch. Meghan lost over 80 pounds in a year through these changes (coupled with exercising).
She is an incredibly talented young woman that inspires SO many of our customers and staff. We are SO happy to call her our Assistant Manager, as of November 2018!


Steffi Wells
Grocery Manager

Steffi began working for Health Nut in March 2013. She is passionate about living an all-natural lifestyle and loves talking with people, helping to guide them to cleaner, healthier food and supplement options. Although Steffi grew up in a home that valued natural eating, her love for dance and the intense training routine lead her to leading a healthier lifestyle at 13.
During her college years, she balanced majoring in dance and training with a dance company. She ended up with adrenal fatigue and having to leave school. It was during her time away that she really threw herself into learning more about a natural approach to fueling her body in order to keep up with the level of activity she desired. By committing herself to clean, organic eating and whole food supplementation for a time, she was able to regain her strength and energy. 
Steffi jokes that her house is basically like a mini Health Nut, because she has so many things from food to cleaning supplies that she buys from the store.


Whole body specialist

We welcomed Beatriz (Bea) to our Health Nut Team in February 2018. She has been invested in living the all-natural lifestyle since she was 18 years old. Her first encounter was practicing yoga. During her thirties, due to a decline in her health, Bea became more intent on researching foods and natural supplements that would help restore her body and give her back the energy to enjoy life. Several "must-haves" according to Bea, are "Restore" for repairing gut health, "Daily Maca for Women" for balancing hormones, and finishing off a hard day of work in a nice warm bath of Dead Sea Bath Salts. 
Bea has a dream of one day growing a Permactulture Patch as an extension of Health Nut- to teach people how to grow their own food.  Being actively involved in Yoga, she would also love to offer outdoor yoga classes one day.  So be on the look out for more exciting future opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge as our Health Nut Team continues to grow and bring new ideas to pursue!

KJ 2019

Kelly Jo Tomlin
Whole body specialist

Kelly Jo started with us in March 2017. She studied Studio Art at Liberty University. She utilizes her creativity by drawing as well as making custom wood and leather decorations. Kelly Jo (or KJ) credits her mother as being her biggest influence in regards to living a natural, holistic lifestyle. When attempting to stick to healthy practices, she says that her mother never wavered in her pursuit for clean eating. Kelly Jo says her mom is one of the healthiest, most knowledgeable people she knows. 
Kelly Jo started taking the holistic approach seriously during her sophomore year in college. She believes living a healthy, holistic lifestyle is the greatest investment of her life, and as such she has poured (and continues to pour) a lot of time and energy into educating herself, She is dedicated in maintaining her health and passing on her knowledge about healthy living to our customers. 
Kelly Jo has a love for horses and hunting. She is an accomplished barrel racer and a skilled hunter.
Check out her Etsy Page:



Sydney has a love for children and a strong desire to teach them early about the importance of healthy food choices and empowering them to take care of themselves in order to be strong and healthy. As of May, 2018, Sydney became a part of our HN family when she moved to the Lynchburg area from Tennessee. Sydney had the amazing opportunity to be taught by Dr. Axe, the founder of Ancient Nutrition. She learned first-hand about the food industry, the difference between treating a symptom and finding the cause, as well as the differences in foods in their natural state vs. being processed. Tiny changes began taking place until she found herself immersed on the health and wellness path. From Weleda Skin Food, and Herban Cowboy Deodorant to creating immune boosting teas with Astragalus Bark and herbs from our Bulk Section, Sydney utilizes nature internally and externally. Sydney is able and excited to speak with our customers and help each person on their individual health journeys. Look for upcoming teachings to be lead by Sydney throughout the year!




Beautiful, but more importantly intelligent, kind, & creative- Our Alva. She has SO much knowledge about natural wellness & the power of essential oils! She is in the final stage of completing her certification in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy! After several years of life’s many challenges, she found herself stressed out & veered away from the healthy lifestyle she had grown accustomed to. This lead to a rapid decline in her physical & mental health. When she decided to go back to her "roots" & implement all she had learned- her health & energy slowly returned.
In 1994, she began working at Fresh Air (a natural foods store). Being surrounded in that environment, she found herself drawn to learn and live a life of holistic health.  Alva joined our team back in February 2015. To say the least, Alva is an extraordinary woman. Any day is a beautiful day when Alva is near.

KellI Stream
Herbal Specialist

Kelli started working at HNN June of 2016. She had recently been diagnosed with a rare sun allergy called, Solar Urticaria, which causes hives and other symptoms.
After being on countless medications and constant application of sunscreen, she noticed the effects of all the chemicals being put in/on her body. Since she had already been quite familiar with the benefits of herbs and spices, she started researching where to find them, and we are SO happy that she did! That lead her to HNN where she was able to find all the herbs needed for her remedies in our bulk section (as well as non-toxic sunscreens).
Kelli is our residential certified herbalist. She is extremely knowledgeable in making tea elixirs, salves, lotions and various "brews" for just about any ailment.
She also teaches herbal-based classes here at Health Nut! Do you have a particular class that you would like to see Kelli offer? Let us know:

1.Maria's Employee Picture.jpg


In November 2018, Maria began her new career path with us here at HNN. She has taken the “Youngest Employee” crown from Meghan after 4 years! Loving the commitment to the message that we are bringing to the community, she knew she wanted to be a part of our staff. From the amazing atmosphere to expanding her knowledge through other team members, she has become a valuable member to our team. Maria’s new journey has lead her to living more of a natural lifestyle on a daily basis. At age 13, she was diagnosed with leaky gut after going to the doctor with major skin problems, ADHD, painful headaches, and more. She began her healthier habits by focusing on removing specific foods from her intake as well as using natural supplements.With a background in cosmetology, she is now pursuing personal care from the inside, out.



Debbie joined our HNN team in November 2018. She has been a loyal customer for years and desired to work in a place with like-minded individuals. With 5 years of experience at Vitamin Shop, Debbie is ready to share her knowledge with our staff and shoppers. She is the queen of our variety of organic foods, spices, and herbs that we offer in our Bulk Section
From Flora probiotics, MegaFood vitamins and turmeric to Barlean's Flax Seed, Debbie has great insight on the products that we carry.
On her health journey, she has discovered the benefits of fruits and veggies for her gut health as well as her skin. She is a bubbly woman that is excited to be a part of our Health Nut crew!