Health Nut has always been a supplements store first.  We carry thousands of high quality vitamins and herbal supplements and the cities most knowledgable staff to help you choose. 

Who ever heard of paying $5 to $6 for a dozen eggs? At Health Nut you will and they are well worth it.  We carry a full line of local farm raised products that are better than USDA organic.

Health Nut has a huge bulk foods department carrying many grains, spices, herbs, teas and more.

This year we celebrated 10 years in business.  Health Nut is thriving and

needs a larger location. In January we are moving to 1701 Enterprise Dr,  just 3 blocks from our current location.  One block away from the 

Jamerson YMCA.

We're Moving!

You'll find many never seen unique products at Health Nut like kombucha on tap.

Store Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

‚ÄčSaturday 9am-7pm

(434) 239-5170

1505 Enterprise Dr Lynchburg, VA 24502