Tim & Lisa Morton own a 3 acre farm in Charlotte County, VA, where they have  lived since 1993. Starting in 2004, they decided to raise chickens for fresh eggs in order to have a better choice of naturally raised food sources for their family & friends. They have Red & Black Star hens, which lay brown eggs as well as White Leghorns, which lay white eggs. They chose these breeds because they are great producers of large eggs, year round.

The color of the shell has no effect on the quality & nutritional factor of the eggs. It is the genes of the different breeds that determine egg shell color. The nutritional intake of the hens is what determines the taste, nutrition, & quality of the treasures hidden within. At H&H Farm, they let their hens out every, single day to forage plants, bugs, & rocks for at least 5 hours a day in the summer & 4 hours in the winter. This is to ensure happy hens & high quality eggs.


They decided to add heritage hogs for pork meat in the spring of 2015. Tim did a lot of research on breeds, natural nutrition- for all their animals, & what was involved in processing the pork. They try to only raise heritage hog breeds. Their blood line can be traced back hundreds of years, without having been cross bred. It takes up to 8 months for them to get to market weight- at least 250 pounds. Their meat is known for its rich & hearty flavor as well as the distinct marbling. This is due to the shorter muscle fibers & the great distribution of fat throughout the fibers. If they are unable to find heritage hog piglets, they search for piglets with at least 50% of the heritage hog gene. There is a definite taste & texture difference between commodity hogs & naturally raised heritage hogs. It's highly recommended to cook this meat slowly. This creates a tender end result.

Piggie Iggie Too Biggie

In 2018 they made more additions to their farm-family… Sheep! In May of 2018, Tim & Lisa ttraded a processed hog for 3 Katahdin sheep. It didn’t stop there as they eventually received 2 ewes & a ram. Down the road, they will  be able to offer lamb for sale.

Little Lamb, Little Lamb
These Ain't Mariah Carey's Lambs

Autumn of 2015, they started selling at the  Lynchburg Community Market on Fridays, which turned into a  permanent table outside on Wednesdays & Saturdays. At the end of January in 2019, they made the move over to Schewel Hall on the campus of University of Lynchburg. 2019 is also when H&H Farm began to sell their eggs here at Health Nut Nutrition! Stop in & discover our newest local farmer!
If we are out of stock, let us know! We also encourage to support at the local markets to be able to see the entire selection of eggs, meats, & produce of our trusted farmers.

Check out their website:www.h-n-hfarm.com to find more information about Tim, Lisa, & H&H Farm.