Our Mission:

Health Nut Nutrition exists to make a positive mark on Lynchburg, Virginia, by providing our community with a variety of whole food supplements and organic groceries, the best natural alternatives on the market to conventional medicine and processed food, and the knowledge and encouragement to experience the transformational benefits a natural lifestyle.

In a society where fast food and video games are praised, we are quickly seeing the quality of our lives and the lives of our children declining. Lack of exercise combined with processed, chemically infused food, has caused a serious epidemic of obesity and sickness.

People go through doctor to doctor, pharmacy to pharmacy and procedure to procedure trying to overcome mental or physical wellness issues and are still unsatisfied of the results. If this is you, it's time to take control of your life and what goes on in your own body. Our friendly, passionate team (who you'll get to know well) is here to connect with you and discuss how to address nutritional deficiencies in your daily regimen that may be impacting your sense of wellbeing.

Our Vision:

As God has blessed (and continues to) Health Nut Nutrition and Millie's Living Café, our goal is that we become synonymous with "health" and "authenticity" in Lynchburg; that our community knows they will receive attentive, insightful service from a highly qualified staff, top-quality products and informative wellness workshops; and that our customers keep telling us that they feel like family: loved, cared for and important

Although this business is for profit, Health Nut's founding passion is to encourage and empower others to be as healthy as possible so they can enjoy life as much as possible. In addition to experiencing the healing of an all-natural lifestyle in our own lives, we've noticed that when people benefit from this sort of self-directed kindness, they tend to be more inclined to be kind to others. It's an honor to be a part of that process. 

We aim to be a health food and supplement store that not only provides the best quality products and services, but a business that honors God and really cares about fostering a healthy community, a business that gives back to the community with free events, teachings, and donations to various organizations in line with our mission.

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