Feed and nourish your body, from the outside in.

Being mindful of what we put on our bodies is just as important as being mindful of what we put into our bodies. Our skin absorbs about 60 percent of the chemicals we put on it, and those chemicals end up in our bloodstream. What’s the solution? Simply put, we need to be more cautious about the products we’re lathering on our skin.

Our Health and Beauty department wants to help you become the all natural you, inside and out. Our guests are always looking for personal care items that serve special needs like sensitive skin, organic, low-allergen, without parabens or petroleum, sulfate-free, and more. From head to toe and for all ages, we have what you’re looking for, from natural sun care and bug repellent to fine cosmetic lines, hair care, skin care, essential oils, and dental care. Our bath and body products are made with clean and exotic ingredients, like African nuts and seed oils from the Peruvian rainforests that are designed to feed and nourish your body.

  • Maybe you have dry, itchy, or cracked skin. We carry shea butter, cocoa butter, exotic oils, and more that will help your skin.
  • Ready to be done with acne? Tea Tree oil is good for drying it up, and we’re proud to carry it.
  • Interested in looking younger? We carry pure, extra virgin coconut oil and Shea butter, which can help you soften some of those wrinkles and look younger.
  • Trying to encourage hair growth? At the Health Nut, we have natural shampoo treatments that encourage hair growth and repair damaged follicles. Some of our herbs and essential oils promote hair growth as well.

Whatever your concern, we carry a product in our health and beauty department that can help you. We’re here to help and educate you, yes, but we’re here to learn too. If we can’t help you, we’ll do our best to do the research and find a product that may help.

Remember, It’s ALL about holistic healing

Many people think that putting something topically on a rash will always fix it, and doctors often prescribe topical solutions. But oftentimes our diet can be the culprit of skin rashes, in which case the rash should be treated internally, not externally.

This is just one example. Keep in mind that while addressing the root cause addresses the symptoms, addressing the symptoms alone often neglects the root cause, which could lead to the problem coming back over and over again. Visit our grocery and supplement departments — a whole body specialist will be happy to discuss your needs with you.