Health Nut Favorite - Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Steffi has chosen our #HNFridayFavorite product! This week, it is Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods! Bob’s Red Mill was founded by Bob Moore and his wife. On his 81st Birthday, he gave ownership of his company to its employees through an employee stock ownership program- so this business is 100% employee owned! These amazing products now have a sourced non-GMO pledge. From their personal relationships with their farmers to the old fashioned stone mills, the range of unique whole grains, stone ground flours, cereals and baking mixes provide you with foods for every meal of the day (there are also a WIDE variety of gluten-free options). Steffi passionately said, "My personal favorite is the garbanzo bean flour to make the falafel recipe on the back." For an endless array of ingredients, come check out all of Health Nut Nutrition's selection of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods!