Why We’re Nuts about Cashews (with simple recipe)

Why We’re Nuts about Cashews (with simple recipe)

High in healthy fats and a great source of protein and fiber, these legumes provide healthy the omega-3 fatty acids (as opposed to saturated animal fats) that help manage cholesterol levels. This helps avoid cardiac arrest, which is one of the leading causes of death in America, despite it being highly preventable through responsible eating. 

The omega-3 fatty acids are also critical for fortifying cell membranes (the lipid layer) of brain cells! Pretty rad. 

Morning Vibes: Vegan Butter and Probiotic Gut Shots

Morning Vibes: Vegan Butter and Probiotic Gut Shots

What’s your morning ritual? Health Nut is here to help you make yours actionable and affordable! Let’s share with one another what helps us get going at the start of the day.

Setting that routine is difficult on the outset, but works as a positive feedback loop that not only keeps itself going, but also keeps your daily and long-term goals on target.

It can be challenging, but at Health Nut Nutrition is here to provide the information and products you need to live a more natural, healthy, happy, and productive life.

Let’s make some vegan, grain-free, chocolate hemp brownies

Let’s make some vegan, grain-free, chocolate hemp brownies

In honor of Hemp History week (June 5-11), we are celebrating this wonderfully nutritious plant by extending a 10 percent discount to all hemp-based products (excluding products already on sale in this month’s flyer).

We love provide our customers with inspiration to experiment with the all-natural food we carry (who says healthy eating can’t be amazing?), and so here is an on-the-fly recipe for how to use two incredible hemp products — Organic Hemp Pro Fiber and Hemp Oil from Manitoba Harvest — to concoct some deliciously vegan, non-psychoactive, grain-free chocolate hemp brownies.

A Fresh Year, A Fresh Location, and Fresh Ways to Live Healthy

Natural Herbal Soap
Natural Herbal Soap

New Location, New Opportunities

As we expand into the new store, we couldn't be more excited about the opportunities that a larger space provides. Over the next couple months, we'll be growing into our new space and offering unique ways to connect with you and the greater Lynchburg community:

Millie's Living Cafe: Coming April 17th

We're so excited to introduce Millies Living Cafe to Lynchburg! Millies will offer organic smoothies, raw and vegan food, medicinal teas, and Kombucha on tap.

The Community Room: TBD

On the second floor, we plan on creating a space for workshops on essential oils, soap making, bath products, healthy cooking, yoga, and more. We want to get to know you, educate you, and in some small way, help make your 2015 a healthy and joyful year. We'll let you know when these classes start up.

Expanding Departments

In 2015, we're expanding each major department in some cool ways. We're offering more, high quality supplements like clean, natural, and approved sports supplements. We're increasing our bulk section to include honey, exotic bulk items like culinary spices, medicinal herbs, and more. Our grocery section is expanding to offer better gluten free, allergen free, vegetarian, and vegan food options. You've asked us about many of these products, and we're delighted to finally offer them!

Loyalty Program

Starting January 5th, our loyalty program will be up and running. 

Thanks and see you soon!

—The Health Nut Nutrition Team