Health Nut Favorite - Charlotte’s Web CBD Plus

This week's #HNFridayFavorite was chosen by Health Nut owner, Dave Thomas. He has selected CW Hemp - Charlotte's Web CBD Plus. Dave has better focus when using this Colorado-sourced Hemp Oil. The entire portfolio of "The World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract" helps subdue stress and anxiety while creating a sense of calm and focus As a successful business owner, Dave finds that Charlotte's Web aids in a "brighter, lighter mood". These oils can also help with exercise-induced inflammation and recovery. The CBD Hemp Plus is approximately 25 mg of Hemp Extract in 1mL serving. Fortify your body and mind with the benefits of 80+ phytocannabinoids (naturally occurring cannabinoids) that are in every, single bottle of this family-owned product line. There's even CBD for your pets here at Health Nut Nutrition! Visit their website to experience the story of Charlotte's Web and the Stanley Brothers: