Health Nut Favorite- Motto: Sparkling Matcha

🍵 It's #HNFridayFavorite time! Thomas has chosen Motto Sparkling #Matcha for this week. Thomas has replaced morning coffee with a Hot Matcha Tea and a splash of Unsweetened Almond Milk. Once he gets to work, Sparkling Matcha is calling his name! This carbonated elixir only uses honey and agave as sweetener and has the nutrient equivalent to 12 cups of steeped green tea! This natural caffeine source has the same amount of 1/3 cup of coffee AND helps to keep the body more alkaline. Motto is made to make you feel better and think better. He also recycles the green glass bottles OR uses them for his many plants at home/here at Health Nut Nutrition!
"RAISE your Spirit. REFRESH your Mind. REJUVENATE your Body."

Come enjoy this powerful agent of #Health, #Wellness, and #NaturalEnergy! Thomas won't drink them ALL (this time) 😋
Photography by: Kelly Jo Tomlin