Tummy Tonic by Gaia Herbs: Formulated with Care


Now that Lynchburg City Schools are now back in session, we wanted to share one of our favorite products designed for healthy little learners — Tummy Tonic by Gaia Herbs.

This tincture was formulated with care to relieve digestive discomfort by easing irritation and promoting healthy movement. The chamomile gently eases tension and inflammation while fennel relaxes the muscles of the intestines, alleviating intestinal cramping and allowing trapped gas to be dispelled.

The lemon balm is great for colic and gastric inflammation (among other things). It also soothes gastrointestinal muscle spasms and general stress and anxiety. The spearmint alleviates nausea and indigestion discomfort.

The Tummy Tonic also contains catnip, which gently aids in the cleaning of the intestinal tract while promoting an overall state of relaxation. Finally, ginger calms nausea and inflammation while promoting proper digestion.

This blend of organic herbs is ideal for children and adults alike, with IBS or the occasional gastrointestinal discomfort.

Come talk to a whole body specialist today to pick up Tummy Tonic by Gaia herbs, along with anything else you and your family needs to be healthy, happy, and motivated.