Treating A UTI: "I use D-Mannose and uva ursi."

STAFF PICK by whole body specialist Reagan Young


Hi, I want to tell you about a couple supplements that have helped me immensely. I get a few urinary tract infections (UTIs) every year. They can become totally excruciating if I don’t catch them early. Before I started working at Health Nut Nutrition, I didn’t know how easy it was to treat UTIs naturally.

I did not understand what they were or seek alternative solutions to the usual protocol (you know, call the doctor, sit in the waiting room, awkwardly discuss painful and frequent urination, provide a urine sample, and then take antibiotics for a week or two). I didn’t want to go through that anymore, now I have no need for a doctor when these happen!

Eventually, I educated myself about what a UTI really is and what other options I have. I stopped taking prescribed antibiotics because they are harmful to beneficial bacteria. Instead, I use D-Mannose and uva ursi.

Most UTIs are caused by E. coli, a common bacteria that normally lives in our colon. When E. coli spreads too much in the urinary tract, we call it a UTI. If left untreated, it can reach the kidneys and cause a kidney infection. But never fear! There are natural ways to clear up a urinary tract infection. The main key is to catch it early and be consistent with these supplements.



D-Mannose is the part of cranberries that helps clear up a UTI. It’s far more effective than just drinking cranberry juice, and it doesn't affect blood sugar levels (it’s even safe for diabetics). As it passes through the urinary tract, D-mannose attaches to the E. coli and flushes it right out! It can also be taken for UTI prevention. It specifically helps to eliminate E. coli without harming beneficial bacteria. D-Mannose is a mildly sweet-tasting powder that dissolves in water. Amazing, right? I take a teaspoon two to three times per day.


Uva ursi is an herb we sell as a tincture. This herb can help to alleviate UTIs by reducing bacteria in the urine. It also quells inflammation of the urinary tract. It is a natural diuretic (meaning it helps flush out your kidneys). You shouldn't use this powerful herb for more than a week, but you shouldn't have to! Thirty drops twice a day should do the trick.

These supplements are so convenient to use. If you are trying to avoid synthetic antibiotics, this is a great way to practice holistic self-care instead.

Next time you or someone you know has a UTI, come find one of the Whole-body specialists about these natural solutions!